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The Tempe Chamber of Commerce

Since 1908, the Tempe Chamber of Commerce has built an environment that enhances the economic vitality of our membership and the business community. We provide the tools and training needed for businesses to achieve success at every level of their enterprises.

We have created a strong local economy through our dedication to network development, advocacy, legislative lobbying, influence and professional development.

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Trade and Sustainability

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce embraces economic, social and environmental sustainability as core values. So what does this look like for our organization in terms of sustainability? It means that we believe in putting value into action. In a world of dwindling resources, growing global population combined with an increasingly competitive business environment, reducing, reusing, recycling our collective resources is at the heart of building resiliency in business and in our communities.

We believe that we need to be leaders in helping our businesses be leaders in this new world marketplace. Embedding sustainability in your business isn’t just about doing the ‘right’ thing, it is also about doing smart business by creating market advantages, unleashing innovation, engaging employees and seizing opportunity.

The Pledge for a Sustainable Community is a resource developed to help businesses get started or share their sustainability journey, a place where they can publicly pledge their actions, join a community of other Pledge takers, be inspired by the success of others and be recognized for their role in helping to build resilience in their business and community.

What you can do


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