Tempe Pledge for a Sustainable Community

TCH/The Centers for Habilitation

215 W Lodge Drive

Every business can have an impact on our environment.

  • Turn off lights in unoccupied areas
  • Take advantage of natural lighting
  • Establish a preventative HVAC maintenance program
  • Reduce hot water temperature settings and use
  • Fix leaks!
  • Monitor your water bills
  • Detect and fix any leaks from pipes, fixtures, appliances and equipment
  • Provide refrigerated drinking water
  • Adjust sprinklers to ensure there is no overspray into non-landscaped areas
  • Run only full loads in the clothes washers and dishwashers
  • Clean windows only when needed
  • Thaw food in the refrigerator or microwave instead of using running water
  • Replace turf areas with (xeriscape) low- water-use plants
  • Encourage carpooling to company events and offsite meetings
  • Promote ride-matching service to form carpools at www.sharetheride.com hosted by Valley Metro
  • Provide casual bicycle parking on-site for clients
  • Share trip planning tools – ValleyMetro.org trip planner, Mobile Site/Apps including RideKick, regional cycling maps
  • Offer start and end times that avoid peak periods of travel
  • Educate driving staff (fleet management) on efficient driving techniques
  • Purchase fleet optimization software
  • Send memos, quotes and invoices electronically
  • Minimize paper usage in meetings
  • Provide recycling bins at key locations
  • Subscribe to online newspapers and magazines
  • Donate outdated electronics
  • Repurpose or reuse office supplies and equipment that remains serviceable
  • Recycle hazardous waste through the proper environmental compliance resources
  • Consider leasing rather than purchasing products
  • Conduct lifecycle assessments on products prior to purchase to ensure maximum sustainability, return on investment and environmental efficiency
  • Use minimal packaging in deliveries or shipments
  • “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” when making purchasing decisions
  • We run a document and media shredding business where we recycle all possible products. We also shred hard drives and the metals are recycled.

TCH/The Centers for Habilitation