Tempe Pledge for a Sustainable Community
Tempe Pledge for a Sustainable Community

Jason Woodard Liberty Mutual Insurance Agent

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I am always interested in helping the world we live in.

  • Turn off lights in unoccupied areas
  • Use partial lighting before and after public hours
  • Make sure automatic lighting controls are working properly
  • Adjust temperature settings and schedules to avoid unnecessary cooling or heating
  • Close window treatments during summer months
  • Encourage staff to use efficient rinsing techniques
  • Wash vehicles only when needed
  • Encourage carpooling to company events and offsite meetings
  • Set printers to print double sided
  • Print only necessary documents
  • Send memos, quotes and invoices electronically
  • Minimize paper usage in meetings
  • Provide recycling bins at key locations
  • Encourage employees to sort materials into the proper categories through communication and signage if your community doesn’t have co-mingled or single stream recycling
  • Repurpose or reuse office supplies and equipment that remains serviceable
  • Donate unwanted food
  • Use kitchenware and utensils that are either recyclable or compostable
  • Recycle hazardous waste through the proper environmental compliance resources
  • Choose ENERGY STAR® products, which are certified for energy efficiency

Jason Woodard Liberty Mutual Insurance Agent
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