Tempe Pledge for a Sustainable Community
Tempe Pledge for a Sustainable Community


Inferno Escape Room

1415 E. University Dr. A-105
Tempe, AZ

Sustainability is important to the owners/referred from Escape Zone

  • Turn off lights in unoccupied areas
  • Use partial lighting before and after public hours
  • Use only necessary safety and security lighting
  • Reduce cooling and heating in unused areas
  • Establish a preventative HVAC maintenance program
  • Close window treatments during summer months
  • Detect and fix any leaks from pipes, fixtures, appliances and equipment
  • Discard clean water into plants instead of the drain
  • Print only necessary documents
  • Send memos, quotes and invoices electronically
  • Minimize paper usage in meetings
  • Subscribe to online newspapers and magazines
  • Donate outdated electronics
  • Repurpose or reuse office supplies and equipment that remains serviceable
  • Purchase environmentally friendly bulk cleaning supplies
  • Purchase refillable and reusable products
  • Use minimal packaging in deliveries or shipments
  • Reduce delivery frequency of office supply shipments

Inferno Escape Room
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