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Business Forums: Take Part in Tempe’s Climate Action Plan 2021 Update

Business Forums: Take Part in Tempe’s Climate Action Plan 2021 Update

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce, the City of Tempe, and Local First Arizona are teaming up to bring more sustainability content, projects, and information to you and your business.

The City of Tempe is currently working on an update to its Climate Action Plan (CAP), which will focus on four agendas – business, neighborhoods, youth, and climate justice. The update is important to help Tempe community members better understand sustainable actions and why they are essential for the future of the city. It will explain what other people are doing, what the city is doing, and how we can all work together to achieve these goals. The city is following five guiding principles to improve upon the 2019 plan – fiscal responsibility, enterprise, equity, engagement, and effectiveness.

The Chamber’s Sustainability Pledge Program and Local First’s Sustainability Team are working with the City’s Office of Sustainability to draft the business agenda for the Climate Action Plan 2021 Update. This update will give more perspective on what Tempe businesses can do to improve their sustainability practices.

Businesses play a vital role in mitigating climate change and building a resilient, vibrant, and thriving community. Your business can have a profound impact on the future of Tempe through several sustainability practices, such as energy efficiency, water management, waste reduction, transportation solutions, social responsibility, and more. The business agenda of CAP will offer stakeholder perspectives, actions that businesses can take on their own, and potential partnerships for businesses to work with the city and other community members.  

There will be several opportunities for businesses to take part and join the conversation. On June 29th and July 13th, Tempe business leaders can attend two virtual forums to offer their insight and contribute to the updated 2021 Climate Action Plan and business agenda. The first forum will focus on energy use and efficiency, while the second one will be on water management.

The forums are part presentation-based and part discussion, centering on three areas – actions businesses can take (specifically regarding energy and water), partnership opportunities, and highlight actions featured in the original Climate Action Plan.

We want your input as we work on the updated draft and business agenda. Collaborating with stakeholders and the business community is an important aspect of CAP. Going forward, it is vital that all voices are a part of the conversation.

If you are a business leader interested in a sustainable future for Tempe and taking part in the process, you can sign up for these two virtual forums. Join the discussion and collaborate with sustainably-minded people. We hope to see you at both events. 

To register for the June 29th forum, please click here.
To register for the July 13th forum, please click here.