Tempe Pledge for a Sustainable Community

The City of Tempe SMART Program is officially “Rolled Out”!

Starting July 1, 2018, City of Tempe Public Works Solid Waste services rolled out the new SMART (Save Money and Recycle Tempe) program which the City Council approved last Fall. The SMART program is intended to help increase diversion, by encouraging curbside residents to throw away less and recycle more, along with offering residents more control over their monthly solid waste bill. As a refresher, Tempe curbside residents who participate in the SMART program will enjoy a monthly savings of $4-$6.

Lots of Tempe residents are excited about SMART and here’s why:

  • Potentially reduces material that is landfilled
  • Saves residents money on their monthly bills
  • Reduces the amount of trash thrown away, increase the amount of recycling
  • Helps to reach Tempe City Council residential diversion and recycling goals

Watch this fun and informative video to learn more!


City of Tempe Smart Program Video

To order your smaller trash can, please call Tempe’s Customer Service at 480-350-8361.