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Repurposed from Trash Roll-offs, New Mobile Patios Are Set to Pop Up in Tempe

Tempe's Mobile Pop-Up Patio

Tempe’s Mobile Pop-Up Patio

A little creativity, a bit of welding and a few plants – that’s all it takes to convert trash roll-offs into mobile pop-up patios.
Mobile pop-up patios are repurposed one-ton trash roll-offs . Instead of collecting garbage, the roll-offs are being transformed into mobile patios with benches, plant holders, trees and solar chargers for phones or laptops.

“Our downtown is growing and transforming before our eyes. These pop up patio concepts are a creative and sustainable way to beautify our blocks and transform our public spaces. These next-to-nothing investments make our public spaces more interesting and we’re hoping the first few installations will inspire a larger program initiative as we continue to think about how to make Downtown Tempe a more livable place,” Kate Borders, president of the Downtown Tempe Authority, said.

The first pop-up patio debuted at PARKing Day on Mill Avenue. It was such a big hit that both the City of Tempe and Downtown Tempe Authority wanted to make some improvements to the concept and create more of them.

Some of the roll-offs will be placed in parking spaces while others may go in vacant lots. Instead of trees, some will hold extra seating, great for the many special events that take place in the downtown area.

Tempe's Mobile Pop-Up Patios

Tempe’s Mobile Pop-Up Patios

Tempe is the first city in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area to have this sort of program. Only a few cities in the nation do anything like this.

“This program completely aligns with Tempe’s values of innovation and sustainability. It reminds people to repurpose. It provides green space and it’s a creative concept,” Mayor Mark Mitchell said. “Our downtown is very active. We want to provide an oasis – a place for people to rest, relax and recharge.”

The mobile pop-up patios will be managed and maintained by the Downtown Tempe Authority. Call 480 355-6060 for details.